Mass Feeding Services

The logistics involved in preparing (and in many cases also delivering) over 120,000 meals per working day is enormous, but our challenge is very much alleviated by caring companies who allow their staff to assist in the preparation and delivery of the meals that we serve to the poorest of the poor. On a typical Cookoff or Cookathon day, anything from 3,000 to 15,000 meals are prepared, depending on how many companies participate and the size of the participating team. During a typical Cookoff or Cookathon day there is always great excitement and much singing in the morning while the meals are being prepared, but a great many tears are shed in the afternoon when the entire team takes to delivering the meals – and the stark realities of our sad world make themselves felt.

Why not encourage the management and staff of your company to participate in a Meals on Wheels Community Services cookoff? Please CLICK HERE to speak to one of our coordinators.

If every company in the world would donate just one day per annum to helping the poor, poverty would soon be assigned to the past.

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