Christmas Dinners Project

Christmas is a time when the lonely feel most lonely. It is also a time when hunger pains seem to hurt the most. With a view to making life a little easier for our struggling friends over the festive season, we host special Christmas Functions throughout the country. Last year, more than half a million desperately needy souls attended these special Christmas functions. Originally launched in 1994, these joyous events mean the world to the less-fortunate, the lonely, the aged, and the homeless. As a way of touching the lives of those who are bedridden and/or housebound, we also distributed more than 58,000 specially prepared Christmas hampers at the end of 2016.

Over 500,000 Christmas meals served in 2016. If we all do just a little, we all can do so much.
To preserve the dignity of those who attend these functions we have not included any photographs

The following are actual Invitations that have been used in the past to invite our struggling Senior Citizens to their own Christmas Party