Care Giver Services

Very often hungry people are also sad people. All too often, hungry people are also sick and/or depressed and/or heartbroken people. This tragic fact gave rise to the Meals on Wheels Care Giver program. While this program is still pretty much in its infancy, it is already providing a very meaningful service in the major centres.

When we conducted a survey amongst a large body of Senior Citizens, and we posed the question: What one thing would make the biggest difference in your life? A large majority responded, many with tears in their eyes, If only someone would visit. Meals on Wheels care givers visit – and they care.

No matter where you stay in the world, we encourage you to start your own caring ministry at an old age home, a retirement village, or an orphanage near you. Get your family and/or your colleagues involved, and we can guarantee you that your life will soon take on a whole new meaning. The needy may not all need money, but they all need someone to hold their hand as they struggle to get through the many and varied challenges of life.

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